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Are You Ready for the Spectrum Repack?

Are You Ready for the Spectrum Repack?

The incentive auction is over, and the channel reallocations are underway. GatesAir is here to help guide you through this challenging period, starting with a comprehensive diagram/checklist of critical factors that all US TV broadcasters should consider in their transition plan. Click here to learn more!

Maxiva ULXTE, UAXTE, and VAXTE repack-optimized transmitters

UHF and VHF Transmitters Optimized for the Repack and ATSC 3.0

Introducing the Maxiva™ ULXTE (UHF liquid-cooled), UAXTE (UHF air-cooled), and VAXTE (VHF air-cooled) high-power, high-efficiency transmitter lines, featuring award-winning technologies like the Maxiva XTE and our PowerSmart Plus architecture.

Maxiva XTE software-defined exciter

GatesAir's Next-Gen, Future-Ready Exciter 

The new GatesAir Maxiva™ XTE exciter provides broadcasters with a powerful, software-defined platform, enabling the ultimate in performance, stability and durability.

GatesAir Repack Preparation Services

Let's Get You Prepared for Repack

GatesAir can help reduce planning costs for TV broadcasters by assisting throughout the process. GatesAir Services can provide a full site survey and evaluation, aid with a repack plan, equipment installations, and more. Click here to learn more!

Are You Ready for ATSC 3.0

Are You Ready for ATSC 3.0?

While getting your repacked station ready for channel change, your upgrade considerations should seriously include an ATSC 3.0 solution in place. GatesAir is ready to help; click here to learn more about the next American standard in digital TV!


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