GatesAir Connect Webinar: IP Link 100GATESAIR CONNECT WEBINAR:
Essential AoIP STL with Intraplex IP Link 100

Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST

Presenter: Anthony Gervasi, Intraplex Sales Manager - Broadcast

Over the years, GatesAir's award-winning Intraplex IP Link platform of IP audio codecs has become the gold standard for radio STL/TSL applications. This webinar, presented by GatesAir's Tony Gervasi, will focus on the IP Link 100, our single stereo channel IP encoder/decoder. With integrated codecs for voice and broadband audio (including AES 192), the IP Link 100 is the ideal audio contribution/distribution choice for any broadcast radio modulation or standard. This deep dive into the IP Link 100 will illustrate why it is one of the most reliable and robust codecs available.



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