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HD Radio™ Streamlined and Redefined with the Flexiva™ FMXi 4g

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 2:00 PM EDT

Presenter: Kevin Haider, Radio Product Line Manager, GatesAir

Ready to transition to HD Radio, or to improve your existing digital broadcasting setup? In this webinar and live demonstration, GatesAir's Kevin Haider will give you the inside scoop on the game-changing Flexiva FMXi 4g, our award-winning embedded HD Radio program importer/exporter.

The Flexiva FMXi 4g combines true fourth-generation Importer and Exporter functions into a single 1RU box that provides dynamic time, level, and phase correction. This webinar will detail these and many other benefits and improvements of the FMXi 4g over traditional, previous-generation Importer and Exporter configurations, including:

  • No more reliance on a computer-based, multi-device setup
  • Centralized management and multiplexing of all Advanced Applications Services (AAS)
  • Advanced configuration and monitoring of multiple audio program channels

...and much, much more!



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